Fat Cops Cookie Policy

Version 1: Jan 2019

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored by your web browser (eg Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox). They are placed on your computer’s hard drive or mobile phone. The Fat Cops website uses cookies to store information about you so that your browsing experience is more enjoyable by recognising who you are and responding appropriately.

Are there different types of cookies?

Yes, there are two types of cookies – ‘session’ cookies and ‘persistent’ cookies. The Fat Cops website, like many websites, uses both. Session cookies are temporary cookies that expire when you close your browser. Persistent cookies have a longer expiration date and stay on your computer hard-drive until you manually delete them.

What do persistent cookies do?

One example of a persistent cookie is the ‘remember me on this computer functionality’ which means you can access the private area of a website again from your own PC or mobile, without logging-in again. The session cookies and persistent cookies placed on our website by us are known for this reason are ‘first party cookies.’

What about third-party cookies?

‘Third-party cookies’ are used by companies such as analytics firms like Google who will use them to gather ‘non-personal’ information about you. Gathering personal information such as name, address, email and so on, is covered under our Privacy Policy. Non-personal information relates to the habits you display when browsing and the websites you browse. An example of this is when you’ve been looking at a travel website then leave it to visit another website with a different subject matter, yet you still see advertisements relating to travel. This is called advertising ‘behavioural targeting’ and is down to third-party cookies.

Can I choose not to have cookies on my computer?

When you log-on to a website for the first time you should be informed that the website uses cookies and if you wish to accept them. You have a legal right, not to accept cookies should you choose to do so. Our website does not insist that you accept cookies, but if you reject them certain features may be limited such as name recognition which can make it quicker to log in again and so enhance your user experience. If you decide not to accept cookies visit the help section of your browser to find an explanation on how to turn them off. Here are some of the most common browsers and the information you need. These links will also explain how you can turn off behavioural ad targeting should you wish to do so.

Cookie setting in Internet Explorer

Cookie setting in Firefox

Cookie setting in Chrome

Cookie setting in Safari

Cookie setting in ios

Cookie setting in Android

More information on cookies   

You can read more about cookies in the Microsoft Cookies Guide or All About Cookies. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has a very stringent code of ethics on internet advertising and you can read more about it by clicking here.

Thank you for viewing the Fat Cops website cookie policy. If you would like further details, please contact us directly.